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Now that we have come to the end of elections by the decision of the Supreme Court, political federalism or by its more popular name “restructuring” may be the way to go but it has not been understood and generally accepted. I understand it but many ask, what is restructuring? I have to admit that the only way restructuring can work is if it is nationally accepted. It would appear to me that political restructuring even though important is dividing us and impeding development. I suggest that it may be time to talk about another model of development whilst the restructuring debate continues.

I think what might unite us all in the quest for development is Cooperative Federalism and Economic Transformation. Cooperative Federalism simply means governments can work together for economic development. Infrastructure and power readily come to mind. Based on the principle of subsidiarity in Federalism which is incorporating the government closest to the people, infrastructure can be commonly developed, for instance, the East West High Way that has been uncompleted because responsibility excludes relevant state governments but under the principle of subsidiarity including state governments improves implementation and also ownership.

I have no doubt that Cooperative Federalism and Economic Transformation if well executed will be accepted by all Nigerians who simply want a good life; good health care, jobs etc.  


 Dr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN