The death of Hugo Chavez

LawPlease join me in mourning the death of a very good people’s leader Hugo Chavez. This spontaneous heart-felt reaction of Venezualans has to do with Mr Chavez populist, pro-poor development programmes on social housing, massive employment, infrastructure, medicare etc

I watched some of the ceremonies on television and few Nigerian Leaders will ever evoke the response I saw. Our challenge is quitesimple. We have extremely bad selfish and incompetent leaders who think about how to share oil money as personal loot. Apart from Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria has not had a true opposition figure/ Leader.

The absence of political pluralism in Nigeria has given our ruling party freedom to ignore our needs. Im very excited about the convergence of the APC, first because I am left of centre in the political spectrum but more importantly because if APC succeeds, we will have a second major party. PDP is right of centre while the APC is left of centre; at any rate so they claim. As both parties hopefully vigorously campaign in the electoral market, Nigerians will have a choice. I have never understood why we do not have a national health service which Nigerians can contribute to at different levels. If the lowest employed Nigerian, contributed N1000.00 and this is graduated up to a maximum of N50,000.00 then we are potentially looking at N1trillion that can be redistributed into the health system, that benefits those who cannot afford health care. There is no reason why the government cannot create a subsidized housing fund like in the U.K for example and establish low lending rates to meet the needs of social housing for millions of Nigerians.

Nigerians do not have the opportunity to contribute to our developmental agenda because we live in a one party state. The ruling party is largely unaccountable as they do not need our votes anyway. So hopefully the rise of the APC may just be the trigger we have been looking for; we have to wait and see.
But remember that previous attempts to merge opposition parties have failed. The paradox and shame of poverty in Nigeria is that it is an extremely resourced country. Nigeria has now been classified as one of the world’s fastest growing economies. In this group referred to as MINT- Mexico Indonesia Nigeria and Turkey. So Nigeria’s potential will be huge if we get our politics right.

So Nigerians wherever you are pray for the APC, to succeed, not because you want to be a member of APC, but because it is a way out of our current crisis.