Youth empowerment

LawYouth empowerment to fight corruption

To keep talking about it, bond together and create a network of groups that have clear action plans. Also by taking part in debates in schools and community levels etc it helps to make corruption unpopular when the youths are constantly talking about it, we should create a society where thieves are not given awards.
They must continue to sound the trumpet so it remains a stigma.

They should not worry about the government not doing anything because they can play their own part through debates and open discussions. This will help stigmatize corrupt people.

If a politician knows that when he shows up at a public event he will be called “Ole” they will shy away.

The youths should use available resources like the social media to fight not just the politicians but also people that use bank loans without repaying.

Something needs to be done and we need to develop a culture for shaming rouges instead of awarding them national acclaim.