The problem of corruption

The trouble with Nigeria is Endemic corruption. It has eaten so deep into our public organizations that it will require strong political will straight from the president to turn things around.

There are different grades of corruption but when a nation is diagnosed with what is referred to as endemic corruption, just slowing it down is a huge challenge. Nigeria is endemically corrupt and it will require the strongest counter corruption strategies, it will also require the strongest anti-corruption agencies and it will require political authority at the highest level, to even begin to reverse the problem.

Out of each naira, 80kobo is stolen. Ministers, Civil servants, Military, Police, Governors, Business-men etc are all part of the corruption racket.
I have written extensively on corruption and only when the President demonstrates unwavering commitment and unshakable resolve can we stop it. Still, we can all play our own small role. I see Nigeria as a limited liability company and Nigerians as shareholders; so we have to exercise our rights to make our votes count. Sadly many have abdicated this great responsibility and allowed the politicians, who don’t have our interest at heart to call the shots.

Civil society needs to be more engaged .The political opposition needs to be creative Right now they are only interested in replacing PDP .