Death Penalty For Corruption 

LawInterestingly I am opposed to the death penalty and that’s why I argued the first case on that point at the Supreme Court as to whether the death penalty is constitutional (Onuoha Kalu Vs State).
I also organized one of the first advocacy groups asking for a moratorium pending when the raging debate on the death penalty in the international community was to be resolved. I appreciate those who support the death penalty but the truth is it does not deter crime and rather than impose the death penalty for corruption it is far more important to create strong and accountable institutions that can deliver on good governance and dividends of democracy.
It is also better to work towards a strong independent judiciary. Given the state of the Nigerian judiciary generally, I doubt how many death penalty convictions we can get from corrupt practices. I feel that on the contrary the price of a corrupt judge will just go up seeing that the offender is going to face capital punishment.
So let’s face the problems and answer the question; why do we have endemic corruption? that for me is the more challenging question than the question of imposing death penalty.