Judicial Reform Project

LawI would like to clarify what we are trying to do as many of you ask whether this is a priority project in the context of the many problems I Nigeria.
Some comments suggest focus on punishing corrupt Judges. I quite understand this, but there is only so much I can do, so I have zeroed in on what may not be an obvious issue to the public, which is that the Executive controls the Judiciary in more ways than is realized. For Example it is very easy for a determined state governor to remove a Chief Judge by impeachment, I can tell you that most Chief Justices may be concerned about their judicial careers as a result of this.
Again a Judge of a state high court cannot be appointed without the tacit approval and consent of the state Governor.
Another point to note is that the Executive controls the Capital budget of the state Judiciary. Many Governors with the possible exception of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola feel that they are doing their Judiciary a favor by giving them money so my Project is to free the Judiciary from Executive control by making it financially independent.
When you have a strong Judiciary with their Judges well paid and their financial independence secure there will be no reason for them to be corrupt. So my project is logically about cause and effect; which means that when the cause ceases to have effect the effect ceases.
When the cause of judicial corruption ceases to have effect by the securing of their financial independence then logically judicial corruption will begin to decline that’s my hope and I’m happy to hear what you thoughts are.